Quasimidi Sirius

*Dance Workstation*

Polyphony: 28 voices
Oscillators: 2 osc per voice : 128 synth waves, 365 drum and percussion samples
Filter: 24dB and 12dB slopes, Hi and Low pass filters with resonance and overdrive
Effects: FX1: reverbs, stereo delays. FX2: chorus, flanger, delays; vocoder
Arpeg/Sequencer: 16 pattern arpeggiator / 7 track sequencer with tap tempo
Keyboard: 49 velocity sensitive keys
Memory: 384 patches (288 preset, 96 user), 16 vocoder patches, 20 percussion kits
Control: MIDI (7 parts, 3 synth and 4 drums)

Sirius Goodies

 The Sirius

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