The Quasimidi Polymorph

Polymorph Waves

The first oscillator produces simple waveforms:

Sine (Sine)
Triangle (Tria)
Trapezoid (Trpz)
Square (Rect)
Sawtooth (Saw)
Pulse wave 100% (Puls)
Pulse wave 1% (Puls)

What's more, between the single basic waves are interstages. There are many different forms between the basic waves possible. The Pulse wave can also be modulated. You can read about this in "Pulse width modulation".

Here is the list of the waveforms for oscillator 2 & 3:

SineWave, DeepMoog, DeepBass, Sequence1, Sequence2, Sequence3, BellWave, ResBass1, ResBass2, WetBass1,WetBass2, Sawtooth1, Sawtooth2, Sawtooth3, FatWave1,
FatWave2, FatWave3, Synced1, Synced2, Sync Up, Orchestr Strings, Mellotron Chor, Wave Voice, DigiWave, Spectrm1, Spectrm2, Effect, NoiseOSC, Ext-In 1*, Ext-In 2*

*Ext-In 1 & 2 is provided only by the third oscillator. With this function you can let any external sound source go through the filter and effects of the POLYMORPH.