The Waldorf Microwave Revision A

Microwave demo




Microwave service

You loose all your sounds and data! You do this at your own risk!

Power up while holding the Mode button, and release it as soon as the message "Welcome to the MicroWave" is shown.

Power off to exit. Press OK to continue

press Mode button for the following tests:
1. Software Version
2. System Runtime
3. Memory Init & Test

press OK to run each test:

ICRT Ram Test
INIT Init Ram (init sound, not factory data)
ECRT External Card Test
COPY Copy card data to RAM test

press Mode button:
Keyboard test
Press each button on the microWave and watch display

press Mode button:
LED Test
Press the OK button to step through each LED

press Mode button:
MIDI test
Connect midi in to midi out
Press OK

press Mode button:
Voice Test
Press OK repeatedly to connect all 8 voices sequentially to the L and R
audio output. Voices 1-4 will be output at their respective single outs.

Sine wave is heard (123.5 Hz)

press Mode button:
Filter Frequency Adjust

*** tune filters after the microWave has warmed up ***

Connect tuner to audio out. Tuner must be able to display
A=440 Hz.

Press OK for voice #1
Use Alpha dial to fine tume the frequency of this voice.
Alpha dial covers +- 1 semitone.

If unable to tune correctly, adjust coarse tuning of filter using pot on motherboard. Center Alpha dial first?.

Voice -> Pot
1 -> 5
2 -> 12
3 -> 19
4 -> 26
5 -> 33
6 -> 40
7 -> 47
8 -> 54

Check single outputs too.

(from the Waldorf MW1 page)

Microwave revision A

- frontpanel dark metalic blue, not painted, anodized metal
- rotary encoder has 52 ticks per revolution, has rippled, metal shaft with slot
- uses Curtis CEM 3389 (Voltage Controlled Signal Processor)
- LCD has black characters on green background

Microwave revision B

- frontpanel is made from Nextel, gray-blue, silkscreening blurry, rubs off
- high quality red dial
- rotary encoder has 24 ticks per revolution, has even, flattened plastic shaft
- uses Curtis CEM 3387 (low noise VC signal processor)
- LCD has green characters on black background