Korg DSS-1

*Sampling Synthesizer*

Polyphony : 8 Voices
Oscillators : 16 - 2 oscillators per voice
Sampler: 256k
Memory: 5 sec sampling
Synthesis: 128 Sine waveforms you re-shape using 2 sliders ; Harmonic Synthesis
Keyboard: 61 keys w/ velocity and aftertouch
VCF: Lowpass 2 or 4 pole + envelope
Control : MIDI
Date : 1986

DSS-1 Goodies

DSS-1 pics and more

DSS-1 pics, sound-list and infos about replacing the Floppy Drive

 Display Backlight Replacement

 DSS-1 Display Backlight Replacement by Cosmo


this utility create DSS-1 sound floppy disks

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