Korg DVP-1

*Vocoder/ Harmonizer/ Pitch Shifter/ Voice Synthesizer*

Polyphony: 5 voices (4 when chorus is ON); Vocoder and internal wave modes (eight waveforms available including two female ahs, three male ahs, female la and loo and male wo): 5 octaves; Harmonize: 1 octave above and below key note; Pitch shift: - 1200 cents to + 1299; Parameters: Vocoder & internal wave modes: Formant (Formant shift, Keyboard track, Window length), Breath bypass (Level, Level threshold, Pitch threshold), Internal(Waveform), Pitch EG (Attack time, Decay time, Polarity, Intensity), DCA EG (Attack time, Release time), MG (Frequency, Delay, Pitch, DCA), Bend (Pitch, Formant), Portamento (Portamento time, Hold); Harmonize mode: Key note, Key change, Chord memory, Chord (Note1 ~ Note5).
Pitch shift mode: Shift level (Coarse, Fine)
Chorus: Speed, Intensity, Effect; Unison: Detune.
Control: MIDI; Date: 1985

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