Roland JSQ-60

The JSQ-60 is a polyphonic sequencer connectable with DCB synthesizers such as the JUNO-60 or the JUPITER-8.

Due to its large memory capacity of approximately 2,000 notes, the JSQ-60 can memorize a complete musical composition . The JSQ-60 can also memorize changes in the patch memory of the JUNO-60. The JSQ-60 is capable of both real-time and single-step loading. In the real-time mode, all performances played by the keyboard are loaded. And in the single step mode, the pitch of each note is loaded in each step. While listening to previously loaded per formances, you can overdub up to three times in real time. Shifting the JUNO-60's patch memory and starting/stopping the JSQ-60 can be controlled by the DP-2 pedal switch. A cassette interface is provided for limit less data storage. Two Sync out jacks are provided to sync with devices such as the TR-606 DRUMATIX or TB-303 BASS LINE. Easy to carry. Weight: only 1.5 kg!