Roland Juno-60

*Analog Synthesizer*

Polyphony: 6 voices
Oscillators: DCO: pulse, saw, square and sub-oscillator
LFO: rate and delay
VCF: non-resonant high pass and resonant low pass
VCA: level, ADSR and gate ; Effects : stereo chorus
Arpeg: Yes ;External JSQ-60 Sequencer
Keyboard : 61 note keyboard (no velocity or aftertouch)
Control: DCB Roland to Roland sync/interface (Roland MD-8 converts DCB to MIDI for MIDI control); Date: 1982

Juno-60 Goodies

 Roland Juno-60

 Roland Juno-60 brochures

 Juno-60 and JSQ-60

 Juno-60 & JSQ-60 Digital Recorder

 Juno-60 Demo

  Juno-60 demo by RetroSound

 Juno-60 service

 Juno-60 test mode

Juno-60 Sounds

 Juno-60 factory A

Juno-60 factory bank A (wav)

  Juno-60 factory B

 Juno-60 factory bank B (wav)

 Juno-60 factory patch-list

  Juno-60 factory sound-list (pdf)

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The Juno-60

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