Quasimidi The Raven

*Digital Synthesizer*

Polyphony: 24 voices; Oscillators: 3 Osc: MASS (6 MB Samples + 8 MB Max board upgrade); Arpeggiator, Gater, Chord-Trigger and 8 track Pattern Sequencer; Effects: 2 Effect units; Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch; Date 1996

Raven Demo & Tools

Qm convert

This program tool for Atari and PC changes the Drum-Grooves and sequences, that you have stored as Standard-Midi-File, into a new file. Instead of the Midi-files of her Grooves, the new file contains only particular data for the Raven - or the CYBER-6 - sequencer.

The Raven

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 The Raven

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