Casio SK-1

*Mini Sampling Keyboard*

Polyphony: 4 voices;
Sampler: 8-bit, 1.4 seconds, 9.38 kHz sampling frequency, loop; 5 PCM tones: piano, brass ensemble, trumpet, synth drums, human voice; 3 synth tones: flute, pipe organ, jazz organ; additive synth section; envelope select functions with 13 envelope shapes; portamento, vibrato; 11 drum patterns: disco, rock, pops, march, samba, bossa nova, rhumba, 4 beat, swing, slow rock, waltz;
Keyboard: 32 mini-keys; Sequencer: 400 steps of polyphonic programming or 99 step chord sequence with and 198 steps each of two solo voices;
Memory: loses all sequence and sample memory when turned off;
Date: 1985

Casio SK-1 Goodies

SK-1 pics and demo

pics and demo of the SK-1

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Circuit-Bending and the Casio SK-1

 highly liquid

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