Moog Taurus 1

*Analog Bass Pedals/ Bass Synth*

Polyphony: Monophonic
Oscillators: 2 VCO's, 4 presets (Taurus, Tuba, Bass and a user-programmable patch); VCF: 24 dB/oct lowpass w/ cutoff, emphasis, A/D envelope; VCA: Attack, Decay, Sustain; Keyboard: 13 note pedal-board
Date: 1976 - 1981

Taurus 1 Goodies

 Taurus 1 info

 Moog Taurus 1 sound chart, brochures and owners manual

 Taurus 1 pics

 pics of my Moog Taurus 1 and the Taurus from Genesis and more

The Taurus 1

Photo-realistic pic based of my Taurus 1 by Rob Neal

 Taurus 1 Demo

video demo by RetroSound

  schematic diagram

Moog Taurus 1 schematic diagram

 Taurus 1 & Taurus 3

 pics of the Moog Taurus 1 and Taurus 3

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